• 8 Day Holy Land Pilgrimage

    Journey through the Holy Land in 8 days experiencing the most important and inspiring Christian Heritage & pilgrim sites across Holy Israel!
  • 11 Day Holy Land & Petra

    Experience the best Pilgrimage tour sites across Israel with an excursion to ancient Petra Jordan! An inspiring holy land journey to last a lifetime!
  • 10 Day Classic Israel Tour

    Blending the best of both Jewish & Christian Heritage sites across Israel proving a "Classic" Israel experience. Our most popular group Israel tour!
  • 12 Day Classic Israel Tour

    Experience modern Israel and tour the best of both Jewish & Christian Sites across the Holy Land in 12 days! View the Itinerary & Pricing Details Inside!
  • 13 Day King Solomon Tour & Ancient Petra Experience

    Journey through both Jewish & Christian Heritage sites across Israel, tour the Red Sea and ancient Petra!
  • 15 Day King David Tour & Ancient Petra Experience

    15 days blending the most popular Jewish & Christian heritage sites across Israel & an excursion to Petra!
  • 3 Day Tour Classic Jerusalem & Masada

    3 Days Covering Jerusalem's Old City, New City, Bethlehem, and Masada! A 3-day hotel & tour package to experience the best holy land sites!
  • 3 Day Tour Classic Northern Israel & Sea of Galilee

    Journey into northern Israel, Israel's ancient Coast & the holy Sea of Galilee for a 3-day hotel & tour package covering the inspiring north!
  • Jewish Heritage Tours

    We also offer a large selection Jewish Heritage Group Tours with Shalom Israel Tours! Visit their site for more weekly group tour options!
  • Group Israel tours run every week! We have a large selection of Holy Land & Classic Israel tours covering the most popular inspiring tour sites across the Holy Land. Join a group tour or plan a private custom tailor-made itinerary just for your family! Looking for a shorter visit to Israel? We also have a variety of 1-day trips & 3-day tours! Join us to experience the Holy Land!