Visiting Cana, the City of Miracles

Cana is well-known for those who have familiarity with the New Testament. It is mentioned many times in the Gospel of John and has a lot of Christian gravity. For this reason, often Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land will put Cana on their itinerary. Here’s a little more information about the miraculous city of Cana, how to get there, and what to do when you’re there.

Biblical References

As most know, Cana is the place where Jesus performed his first open miracle to the public. According to the book of John, Jesus was present at an elaborate wedding feast. Amidst the festivities, the wine ran out, leaving everyone in low spirits. Miraculously, Jesus turned plain drinking water into delicious wine, and the merriment flowed through the night. It is further said that the wine was of exceptional quality. Because of this story, many people like to have their wedding ceremonies in this miraculous place.

Further along in John, Cana is mentioned again as the location Jesus visited while healing a royal official’s ailing son. Because of its proximity, Cana is credited as the location of this second miracle of Jesus, as well. Additionally, Cana was the hometown of Nathaniel (aka Bartholomew).

How to Get to Cana

Full disclaimer, the actual location of Cana is up for dispute, and Biblical scholars contend over various areas (one of which is not even in Israel). However, the most widely agreed upon location is in the Galilee, a small town called Kfar Kana just five km from Nazareth. Simply take the road north towards Tiberias and follow the signs from there.

What to do When You’re There

Once you’ve found Cana, there are several attractions to see. Firstly, travelers can visit the beautiful Greek Orthodox Church of St. George from the 19th century. Within the church, tourists can see two of the stone jugs that Bible enthusiasts believe to have been the ones that contained the water that Jesus turned to wine. You’ll also be able to visit an ancient basilica and remains from a 1st century church.

 Once finished touring, visitors can head to the open market area where street vendors sell delicious wine of all varieties in commemoration of the miracle of the wine.

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