Top 5 Things to Do with Teens in Israel

When you bring teens with you on a trip to Israel, it’s important to find activities that they will find fun, exciting and meaningful. Many of the main attractions in Israel are appropriate for any age, but there are some sites that teens often connect to more than others. If you have one or more teens coming on your trip, consider these activities.

Dig for Treasure at the Temple Mount Sifting Project

When a series of refurbishing measures were undertaken by the Waqf on Jerusalem's Temple Mount in the late 1990s, hundreds of truckloads of dirt was dumped into the Kidron Valley. Archaeologists quickly realized that these piles of dirt contained artifacts from the First and Second Temples, so they enlisted the help of the public in sifting through it and looking for treasures. Although it’s possible you won’t find anything, you may be lucky enough to come across coins, arrowheads or pendants.

Mei Kedem Water Tunnel

This Herodian water tunnel near the Mediterranean coast is perfect for a half-day activity. Watch the film on the history of the tunnel and then take a 30-minute walk through the tunnel itself. Wear water shoes and bring a flashlight and a change of clothing. There is a picturesque picnic area nearby, perfect for eating a leisurely packed lunch. The water is deep and will reach an adult’s waist in some places, but most of the tunnel can be walked even by younger children.

Enjoy Stunning Views at the Rosh Hanikra Grottos

Rosh Hanikra, situated at the northern tip of Israel’s coast, features an elaborate labyrinth of sea caves. As you walk through the complex of stone tunnels here, you will be amazed at the purple rocks and the blue-green color of the Mediterranean Sea. If you come on an especially windy day, the water will splash ferociously against the cave openings, and you might even get wet. Teens will run from cave to cave to see what’s next. The cable car ride down to the grottos and back up again is another thrill for thrill-seeking youth.

Go Rappelling into Keshet Cave 

Some of the adults may want to watch this one from the bottom! Not far from Rosh Hanikra is the beautiful Keshet Cave, with a huge arch suspended high above the ground. Lovers of adrenaline rushes can rappel down from the arch for about 50 meters and land in the forest below. Once your heart rate returns to normal, take a hike along the cliff face to a series of caves, some of which feature stalagmites.

Walk through a Water Tunnel at the City of David

What could be more fun than getting totally soaked while walking through a low-ceilinged Jerusalem tunnel, Indiana Jones style? The City of David archaeological tour ends with an adventurous trek through a narrow tunnel, which once served to bring water into the walled city and outwit foreign armies who set up sieges on Jerusalem. The tunnel was built by King Hezekiah’s men in 701 BCE and is 1,500 feet long. It takes about 45 minutes to walk through, and it ends at the famous Gihon Spring.

Israel is filled with fun and interesting attractions for all ages. Teens will especially enjoy adventurous and exciting activities. While they are rappelling, digging and hiking through water or caves, they will also be learning some history and enjoying the natural wonders of the Land of Israel.

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