Top 5 Spa Hotels in Israel

Top 5 Spa Hotels in Israel

Trips to Israel are often whirlwinds of touring, since there's so much to experience within limited time frames. If you want to take a break from the fast pace for a little while, visit one of Israel’s spa hotels to relax, rejuvenate and get energized for the rest of your trip.

There are many spa hotels to choose from in Israel, so we've picked five for you that are especially great options.

  1. The Canaan Spa Hotel sits atop Mount Canaan in northern Israel and is surrounded by lush forests. From the windows of the hotel, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Old City of Safed and the Sea of Galilee. The hotel is closed to guests under the age of 14, so this is truly a tranquil getaway. In addition to spa treatments, take advantage of the hotel’s lectures, workshops and amazingly delicious meals.
  2. The Beresheet Hotel in Mitzpe Ramon is all about luxury. Situated at the edge of the vast Ramon Crater, many of the hotel rooms have private pools, and they all have views facing the crater and the free-ranging ibex that roam it. Relax poolside or enjoy spa treatments in the beautifully decorated hotel. Due to its dry and cool weather, Mitzpe Ramon is the perfect place to vacation in the hot summer.
  3. If you’re looking for a luxurious boutique hotel, head over to Bayit Bagalil in the Galilee. You will feel like you are staying in an old stately mansion in the middle of a forest. The hotel offers both indoor and outdoor spa facilities, facial and body treatments, as well as workshops and private lessons.
  4. The Carmel Forest Spa Hotel is located in the heart of a wooded nature reserve. The spa area is a huge 2500 square meters, offering over 60 types of treatments. Treatments are available for individuals and for couples on romantic retreats. Activities include workshops, guided walks through the forest, yoga, meditation, tai chi, aerobics, spinning and body conditioning. Guests from age 16 and up are welcome.
  5. For some pampering at the lowest point on earth, visit the Crowne Plaza Dead Sea. Located right on the Dead Sea’s shore, the Crowne Plaza offers indoor spa facilities and treatments as well as the ability to float in the Dead Sea itself and rejuvenate your skin with legendary mineral-rich mud. The hotel has a magnificently landscaped outdoor pool as well, so you can switch between hot, salty water and cool, refreshing water.

When you stay at any of these hotels, you will enjoy high-quality service, healthy delicious cuisine and reenergizing spa treatments. Take a few days off from sightseeing to luxuriate in one of Israel’s top spas before you go back to the routine of everyday life.


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