Top 5 Activities for the Adventure Traveler in Israel

Top 5 Activities for the Adventure Traveler in Israel

A trip to Israel doesn’t have to be limited to the types of destinations that people generally associate with the Holy Land: archeological finds, holy sites, Middle Eastern locales and desert landscapes. If you’re into outdoor extreme adventures, you can indulge your passion while getting to know Israel’s beauty and history. We’ve chosen five adventure tour experiences we think you won’t want to miss.

Rappelling into Caverns 

Rising 165 feet above ground level, a collapsed cave in the Galilee forms what might be the perfect arch for rappelling. As you descend, look out from under the arch for a panoramic view of the Western Galilee, Haifa Bay, Mount Carmel and Rosh Hanikra. Above the cave are the remnants of a small village called Tel Ademet, which was inhabited from the Early Bronze Period, reached its peak during the Byzantine Period and was only abandoned during the Ottoman Period. If only some of your group wants to rappel, the others can reach these sites on wide wheelchair-friendly paths.

Northern Off-Roading

Dishon ATVs lets you take the wheel for a bumpy and exciting ride around the Galilee and the Golan. Drive a jeep on dedicated paths over mountains and through fields and valleys. Drive right up to the Sea of Galilee and splash through streams and flowing riverbeds. Experienced guides will direct you and keep you safe while you enjoy the rush of experiencing Israel’s beautiful landscapes from the driver’s seat of an all-terrain vehicle.

Slide Down a Mountain

Manara Cliff, located practically at the northernmost tip of Israel’s border, offers extreme sports enthusiasts the chance to slide down a mountain on carts that careen down a track and eventually detaches and becomes self-steering. If the 4,000 foot track here isn’t enough for you, scale a 54-foot climbing wall, rappel down the cliff and zip across the chasm on the longest zip line in Israel. For a tamer activity, take the cable car from the foothills of Kiryat Shemona to the top of Manara on Israel’s longest cable car ride.

Go Commando

Gush Etzion’s Caliber 3 training complex focuses on training elite units of the IDF and the Israeli police. They also offer a short training program for tourists who want to learn to shoot a firearm or pick up some Krav Maga moves. Programs range from two to four hours all the way up to a full ten-day survival experience. Personalized programs are available for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, families and groups. The instructors are generally veterans of the IDF, so be sure to ask about their experiences and which military campaigns or wars they took part in.

Zip through a Lush Forest

Also in the Etzion region, Deer Land Park features one adventure after another. Its crowning glory is the second-longest zip line in Israel, which spans across a lush valley filled with trees and wildlife. Other adventures on offer at the park include paintballing, rock climbing, jeeping and a ropes course. There are also children’s activities, such as a shorter zip line, a kiddie train, a petting zoo and a carousel.



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