The Rabbinical Tunnels

The Rabbinical Tunnels

Explore ancient Jerusalem from underground with a tour of the Rabbinical Tunnels. These tunnels reveal the layers of the Western Wall of the Temple Mount, under what is today the Old City's Muslim Quarter.

Begin your tour with a multimedia show called Generations, which tells the story of the Jewish people from antiquity until today, with special effects and a stunning view of the Western Wall. Beautiful glass sculptures by internationally renowned artist Jeremy Langford document the history of the Jews.

Take a guided tour through the tunnels and see the synagogue adjacent to Warren's Gate, the closest underground spot to the Temple's Holy of Holies. Explore the remains of a water channel that supplied the Temple Mount and was connected to the Pool of Siloam. Walk along an ancient Roman road that led up to the Temple Mount, demonstrating that the Romans visited the Mount after the destruction of the Temple. Don't miss the largest stone in the Wall, one of the heaviest objects ever lifted by humans without benefit of machinery.

At the northern edge of the tunnel is an ancient water reservoir called the Struthion Pool. This was a reservoir, which collected rainwater during the winter to be used for drinking and bathing during the long dry season. The pool is located at the base of the Notre Dame De Sion (Ecce Homo) monastery. Exit the tunnels near the monastery, and if you choose, start a tour of the Via Dolorosa and the Stations of the Cross from here.

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