Psagot Winery

Psagot Winery

Psagot WineryThe visitors' center at the Psagot Winery combines a wine tour with an overview of ancient and modern lifestyles in the Benjamin region. This area is often overlooked on tours of Israel, but its beauty and history make it worth a visit.

The Psagot Winery was founded in 2003 and is already producing 200,000 bottles per year, many of which are exported to countries around the world. The wines made here are produced from vineyards in Samaria and in the Jerusalem hills. The winery combines the latest technology in wine
making with ancient traditions of cultivating and aging to produce award-winning kosher wines.

The quaint stone building of the winery overlooks the road the patriarchs traversed on their way from Beit El to Jerusalem. Start your tour with a film about a young Israeli who, at a crossroads in his life, discovers the rich history of the Benjamin region. Then descend to the fragrant winery, where a multimedia presentation tells the story of wine making in the area from ancient times through today. Learn about the history of this section of Samaria from biblical times until contemporary Israel.

Next, take in the view of the Jerusalem hills and the Michmas Stream from the scenic outlook. A 21st-century presentation, which includes a central table and individual screens, explains the strategic, economic and security importance of the Benjamin region.

Finish off your tour of the winery with a wine and cheese tasting or a hearty meal. Purchase one of the eight boutique wines produced here as gifts for family and friends back home. From here, you can travel onwards to Jerusalem, or deeper into the biblical heartland of Israel.


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