Phillip’s Spring Reserve

Phillip’s Spring Reserve

Pilgrims on Holy Land tours often visit Phillip’s Spring (called Ein El-Haniyeh in Arabic) to pay tribute to a story told in the Book of Acts. Phillip’s Spring is located about a mile southwest from the entrance to the Refa’im Valley Park, one of four parks that ring Jerusalem to the north, west and south of the city.

Stand at the site and open your Bible to the story of Phillip, a deacon who was tasked with the responsibility to minister to the poor, and who came upon a servant of the Queen of Ethiopia sitting in his royal chariot. Having recently visited Jerusalem, the Queen's eunuch servant was reading from the Book of Isaiah. In his ministry, Phillip spoke with the servant about the passage he was reading and later baptized the servant in what is today known as Phillip’s Spring. It is widely believed that this eunuch servant was the one who carried the message of Christianity to Ethiopia.

Not as well-known as other pilgrimage destinations, Phillip’s Spring has nevertheless attracted Christian pilgrims for centuries. Generations of pilgrims have believed that this is the site where the story occurred, thanks to the spring's location along the ancient road between Gaza and Jerusalem, and thanks to the presence of a stream with a pool sufficiently large to have immersed a full-grown adult.

While visiting Phillip’s Spring, take a few extra minutes to walk up a small hill through the park where you’ll come upon the ruins of a Byzantine church surrounding a fountain from the Roman period.

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