The New Tel Aviv Port

The New Tel Aviv Port

Once a working industrial hub, the Tel Aviv Port is now a recreational and commercial area where you can breathe in some sea air and enjoy the beauty of modern Tel Aviv. Tourists visiting Israel will appreciate the open-air cafes, the gourmet restaurants and the contoured wooden promenade along the shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

The port first opened in 1938 but was closed in 1964, when all ships were rerouted to the Ashdod Port. Development of the current tourist and shopping center began in 2011, with planners taking a few cues from New York’s Times Square.

During the day, families come here from around Tel Aviv to enjoy the view and let their kids freely ride their bikes or tricycles on the boardwalk. The wooden promenade is raised in certain places to simulate the sand dunes on which the city of Tel Aviv was built – and to make bike riding or skateboarding more fun. Kids will also enjoy the port’s fountains and playgrounds, conveniently located in between large chain stores.

When the weather is nice, there is nothing more relaxing than dining in one of the open-air cafes or upscale restaurants on the promenade. But you will also want to head indoors and check out Hangar 12, where the Port Market is held daily from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM except Sundays. Some of Israel’s finest cheeses, wines, meats and spices are on sale at this market. On Fridays a Farmer’s Market springs to life right outside, with fresh produce on sale every week until 3:00 PM. Fridays often bring street performers to the port as well.

For a truly spectacular view, come to the port a bit before sunset and watch the fiery sun descend into the sparkling sea. Then join the locals, who throng to the area to drink in some of Tel Aviv’s most famous pubs and enjoy musical performances. Some of the more famous nightlife establishments here include the rock lounge of Reading 3, the warehouse venue of Hangar 11, and Shablul Jazz, which offers nightly contemporary Israeli Jazz concerts.


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