Mount Sodom: The Biblical Tale of Destruction & Survival

Mount Sodom: The Biblical Tale of Destruction & Survival

Everyone young and old knows the fascinating story of Lot and his family. The nephew of Abraham, Lot, settled and started a family in the historically damned region of Sodom and Gomorrah. As the Bible states, these cities were so wicked that they could not be allowed to exist any longer. God wiped them out entirely, but due to his righteousness, Lot and his family were granted permission to leave before the destruction began. The one caveat was that the clan leave and not look back upon the destruction of their brethren. Lot's wife was not able to overcome her curiosity and gazed back towards the village to see what would become of her companions. She was transformed instantly into a pillar of salt and stands in that place till today.

If you want to revisit this riveting chapter in Biblical history, head to Mount Sodom, and check out what there is to see over there. Mount Sodom is located on the southern side of the Dead Sea and is easily accessed via public transportation.

Unusual Construction

Since Israel and the entire Middle East is covered with mountain ranges, you might wonder what makes this one worth visiting during your busy time in the Holy Land. Well, aside from the significant Biblical references to the location, there is also the geological factor to consider. What makes Mount Sodom unique from other mountains of the world is its composition. Unlike most mountainous terrain which are composites of various forms of rock and minerals, Mount Sodom is primarily composed of rock salt (along with other minerals mixed in, but the majority is salt). The mountain is made all the more interesting by the water that continuously seeps into cracks and crevices on the surface, corroding the salt and creating holes and cavities in the mountainside. The end result of this slow progression is a series of masterfully crafted chasms and fissures that make for quite the masterpiece.

Naturally, one of these pillars has been coined Lot's Wife, however, there is little empirical evidence to prove which one is actually the real McCoy.

The Growing Mountain

Additionally, Mount Sodom is one of the few natural foundations in the world that actually gets bigger as time goes on. This is due to the accumulation of earth and rock over time, and each year the mountain gets about .14 inches taller.

Tourists frequent Mount Sodom for a brisk hike, an airy bike ride, or an eventful jeep tour. Whichever option is chosen, you are sure to enjoy the scenery and the stories.

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