Montfort Castle & Fortress

Montfort Castle & Fortress

A castle built to support an agricultural farm, Montfort is a testament to the lives of European Christians who came to live in the Holy Land after it was conquered by the Crusaders. Contemporary pilgrimage tours to the Holy Land usually include a visit to this impressive fortress in the Upper Galilee, in the Nachal Kziv Nature Reserve.

The beautiful nature reserve here includes a 20-kilometer-long stream which flows even in the arid summers. It's the longest stream in the Galilee, with the widest drainage basin. Along the stream are a number of flowing springs. Flowers and trees are abundant, and if you look carefully you might even spot some Persian Fallow Deer, brought to the area for conservation purposes.

The castle is situated above the stream, on a mountain ridge, and is accessible only by foot. The hike is not especially long, but it can be a bit strenuous.

Exploring the castle is an adventure, since it's made up of many levels and areas. You can climb up old stone steps to the highest tower of the castle and admire the view below. Or enter the guard building, shaped exactly like the rook in chess. Large arched chambers, likely used for communal purposes, are notable as well.

A little way down the mountain slope, visitors can check out the water mill which was essential to the original agricultural settlement. The mill is located right by the stream, which is perfect for dipping your feet in on a hot day.

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