Mini Israel Park

Mini Israel Park

If you wish you could get a birds-eye view of all the major attractions in Israel in one afternoon, you will want to visit Mini Israel. The park displays exact replicas of all of Israel's most important sites in miniature. Shaped like the Star of David and divided by region, the highly detailed replicas here represent the historic, architectural, religious, social and archaeological sites of the country.

There are over 385 miniature replicas at Mini Israel, at a scale of 1:25, and scattered amongst them are figurines representing Israel's diverse populations. You can also spot 500 animals, 15,000 real trees, 4,700 cars, 100 motorbikes, 14 trains, 32 aircraft, 175 ships and 230 trucks. The trains, planes and boats are made of kinetic parts and move around the exhibit. There is also a "live" soccer game in one of the models.

Special emphasis has been placed on the religious sites of significance to Jews, Christians and Muslims. Moving figurines showing people at prayer make these displays particularly interesting.

Walk or take a motorized cart around the exhibit. Read the signs for more information – or use the audio guide to get details on each display. Then head indoors to the Visitor's Center where you can experience a flight over Israel with a 3D movie of Israeli landscapes shot from an airplane. There is also a short film about the creation of the park, a multimedia playground for children, a cafeteria and a gift shop featuring Ahava cosmetics.

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