Kana Stream Nature Reserve

Kana Stream Nature Reserve

For those who enjoy hiking, nature and something a little bit off the beaten path, Kana Stream Nature Reserve is a great addition to an adventure filled Israel tour.

The Kana Stream is the northernmost source of the Yarkon River. It is mentioned in the Bible as the border between the tribes of Menashe and Ephraim and was once entirely covered with trees.

The five kilometer hike through the nature reserve is moderately difficult. The trail takes you past orchards, through forests and inside pools of water. One of the pools, Ein El-Basa, was used by the local Arab farmers for irrigation and you can see the irrigation channels which brought water from the pool to the nearby fields. In order to protect the stream, irrigation from the water source has since been outlawed.

Archaeological excavations have never been undertaken in the reserve, but hikers have come across many interesting antiquities such as potsherds, coins and gold pieces. Keep your eyes peeled in case you stumble upon a discovery of your own. There's a chance you'll also come across animals roaming  the reserve, including deer, hedgehogs, hyrax and wild boar.

Along the trail you'll see a post named for Gilad Sari, who fell in battle while serving in the IDF. Gilad had loved hiking in the reserve, so his family chose to plant a small forest with a lookout post in his memory. From there, you can take in the scenic view of the stream and Gilad’s hometown of Karnei Shomron.

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