House of Simon the Tanner

House of Simon the Tanner

As described in the Book of Acts, Simon the Tanner's house is located within the Old City of Jaffa, just above the Jaffa Port, in an alley named for its ancient inhabitant. Holy Land tours often explore the picturesque port area and stop by Simon's home to pay homage to the vision of St. Peter.

In a poignant passage from the Book of Acts, a figure named Simon the Tanner hosted St. Peter in his house near the sea. The location is believed to be the ancient port of Jaffa, which was also the port of call referenced in the Book of Jonah. While staying with Simon the Tanner, St. Peter had a dream of great importance. In addition, the story of St. Peter bringing the young Tabitha back to life, also told in the Book of Acts, occurred on the roof of the house of Simon the Tanner.

The residence is situated adjacent to a lighthouse, originally built in 1875, that guides ships and smaller vessels past the rocky coastline of Jaffa. After many years of darkness, the lighthouse here was recently restored and once again brightens the Jaffa night.

Today, the house belongs to an Armenian Christian family named Zakarian. In past years, Mrs. Zakarian welcomed many pilgrims on Christian tours of Israel and showed them the exact spot where St. Peter prayed when he saw a vision of animals that were forbidden to eat. St. Peter, who is considered the first Pope, understood the dream as a calling to convert the masses to Christianity.

Visitors can walk to the entrance of the house, but both the house and the most famous rooftop in Jaffa are currently closed for renovation. Note the Arabic inscription above the door. There is a small mosque on the grounds named for St. Peter and a minaret that is readily visable behind the wall.



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