City of Hazor

City of Hazor

During its heyday in Biblical times, Hazor was one of the largest and most important cities in the ancient Near East. Tel Hazor, the hill upon which Hazor stands, is currently the largest archaeological site in Israel, divided into an upper city of 30 acres and a lower city of 175 acres.

The ruins of Hazor, located just nine miles north of the Sea of Galilee, are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors here can witness a good deal of archaeological evidence of Hazor’s rich Biblical past.

While touring Hazor, you’ll learn that it was once the scene of Joshua’s victory against the far more powerful Canaanites, as described in the Book of Joshua. Be sure to visit the carefully restored royal Canaanite palace, and take in the view of the Hula Valley from the palace doorway. Note the sooty evidence of a significant fire that occurred when Joshua conquered Hazor in the 15th century BC.

Don’t miss the gate and walls that remain from the time of King Solomon, as described in First Kings. Excavations have recently uncovered a staircase that connects the upper and lower parts of Hazor. Standing near that staircase, visitors can vividly imagine just how expansive the city was in its prime. Look for the remains of the ramparts of King Ahab and the complex water system he built, which was considered a marvel of engineering for its time.

Christians knowledgeable about the Bible will find Hazor particularly engaging, as numerous passages from the Old Testament come alive among the ruins.

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