Five Mountains You Don’t Want to Miss

Five Mountains You Don’t Want to Miss

Mountains rank high on the list of important places in Christianity, and why not? They offer the ideal setting for contemplation, hiding, and miracles to occur. The next time you are traveling across Israel on a pilgrimage of your own, hit these top mountain tops for an all-inclusive experience that really covers the spectrum of Christianity nicely.

Mount Olives

The first stop on your mountain tour should be the Mount of Olives. It is conveniently located in the eastern part of Jerusalem. In Luke, many visits to this mountain by Jesus are mentioned. Additionally, the town of Bethany was located here, and we know that Jesus visited there frequently.

Note: Some advise not visiting this area without a security detail as the locals have been known to get violent unexpectedly. Fortunately, that is easily organized and free of charge.

Mount Tabor

Mount Tabor is a lovely mountain on the strip known as the lower Galilee. It is named several times in the Old and New Testament, so it’s a popular place for Jews and Christians alike. In the Old Testament, Mount Tabor is cited as the location of the battle between Sisera and Barak (husband to the prophetess Deborah). The New Testament lists Mount Tabor as the mountain on which the Transfiguration of Jesus occurs.

Mount Sodom

Well-known for its Biblical connotations, Mount Sodom is part of a string of mountains that rests on the south western side of the Dead Sea. Famous for the tales of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot’s miraculous rescue from destruction, and his wife’s untimely demise, Mount Sodom also housed Lot and his daughters when they believed the world to have been devastated.

Mount Sinai

This one doesn’t take any leap of the imagination. Known as the Mountain of God, Mount Sinai is the original place of revelation, where God visited the Jewish People, gave them the Old Testament, and took them as a people. Along the Sinai Peninsula lies the St. Catherine Monastery. This is the oldest working Christian monastery standing.

Mount of Beatitudes

This mountain is known for the great Sermon on the Mount given by Jesus to the world at large as a token of comfort for suffering and a promise for salvation at last. Visitors can’t help but be overtaken by the serenity that the clear view of the majestic Sea of the Galilee brings as you stand atop the Mount of Beatitudes. Also, visit Sower's Cave below and the very spot where Jesus met the apostles after his resurrection.

While there are many lovely mountain tops throughout Israel, you won’t find any with as much religious significance as these. So, make this a must-see on your travel itinerary, and leave Israel spiritually and culturally richer for it.

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