Family Activities in Holon

Family Activities in Holon

A commuter city located just 15 minutes southeast of Tel Aviv, Holon was founded 75 years ago, but public projects here often focus on the young. Dubbed the “Children’s City,” Holon is home to a number of family-oriented activities and attractions which will enhance your trip to Israel.

A Museum Just for Kids

The Israel Children’s Museum aims to promote tolerance, respectful dialogue and non-violent communication between children of all backgrounds and ethnicities. It focuses on experiential learning and exhibits where touching and playing are almost required. Younger children will enjoy the routes that teach about familiar issues such as embarrassment, family, acceptance, emotions and growth. Older children, and the adults who accompany them, will be fascinated by the opportunity to experience the world from the point of view of the blind and the deaf.

For Lovers of Comics
The Israeli Cartoon Museum caters to both children and adults. Your kids will love the comics and caricatures, which
provide compelling and familiar entry points into the world of visual art. You will be fascinated by the clever and insightful explorations of current affairs in Israel and abroad. The exhibits here are constantly changing, so they are always edgy and up-to-date.

Environmental Sculptures

Holon’s various playgrounds have been upgraded by the addition of sculptures inspired by classic children’s stories. These Story Gardens are scattered around the city and were created by talented local artists. Take a break in between activities to let the kids cut loose for a while in these colorful, educational and challenging playgrounds.

Indoor Play Area for Toddlers

When travelling with toddlers, you’ll want to visit Tif and Taf. This experiential museum is geared toward children up to age three and was created by child development experts. The interactive play facilities and open areas encourage parent-child interaction and allow kids to explore in a safe indoor environment. Designate a good few hours for this activity, since it’s hard to convince toddlers to leave.

A Generation of Public Transportation

A visit to the Egged Museum takes you through the history of public transportation in Israel, from the British Mandate era to today. The highlight for children is the bus exhibit, featuring over 60 models of buses from various time periods, which kids can board and pretend to drive. Entrance is free, but advance reservations are required.

If you’re staying in Tel Aviv with little ones, plan to spend at least one day touring Holon with your family. This is a city that makes learning fun and keeps kids interested and excited at every turn.

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