Exploring the Gems of the Holy Hebron

The home of Abraham the Patriarch, Hebron, holds significance for three of the world’s major religions, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. As such, it’s a popular place to visit on most trips to Israel, and a Christian pilgrimage is no different. Here are some of the best options for enjoying Hebron while you're here.

Cave of the Patriarchs

The last resting place of some of the earliest and most prominent figures in religious history, the Cave of the Patriarchs is the biggest attraction to behold in Hebron. Tourists flock to the site and locals regularly visit the burial cave that holds several pairs. According to Judaism, Adam and Eve rest here, though Christians understand that not to be the case. All agree however that Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebecca, Jacob, and Leah are all buried within the Cave of the Patriarchs, along with Esau. In Jewish tradition, this cave is also said to be one of the Earthly entrances to the Garden of Eden. Between the religious significance, the beautiful architecture, and the deep heritage, this cave is well worth a visit.

Other Significant Graves

According to several religions, there are other prominent people from the Bible buried in Hebron, as well. Some noteworthy individuals include Jesse and Ruth, the father and great grandmother of King David, Abner the mighty warrior, and Lot and his daughters.


Susya is an archeological location containing the remains of an ancient 5th century synagogue and mosque. There are some beautiful floor mosaics kept surprisingly in tact, a massive roller stone, and the interior of the building is intricately laid out. It’s a real treat for archeology and history lovers.

The Oak of Abraham Monastery

This monastery was built to commemorate a favored Biblical tale that tells of Abraham’s visit from three angels. The structure contains both the Monastery of the Trinity and the Church of the Holy Forefathers. The Oak is a Russian Orthodox monastery, and the entire complex is an impressive structure standing tall and visible even from a distance.

Eating & Shopping

There is also a lovely glass-blowing workshop you can take part of if you visit at the right time. And, don’t leave without doing a little gift shopping. Hebron is known for its gorgeous glass and ceramic items and ornaments. You might find these items in other cities in Israel, but when you go to the source, you get them for a lot cheaper. You can also buy authentic kafijas directly from the factory for ridiculously low prices.

Eating out in Hebron is also a real treat for anyone looking for that authentic Middle Eastern flavor. Grab some fresh from the oven bread products along with delectable hummus and salads, and you’ll be set for the day.

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