Dormition Abbey Monastery

Dormition Abbey Monastery

The Abbey of the Dormition is a Catholic Benedictine monastery located on Mount Zion, just outside the walls of Jerusalem's Old City. The church itself is called The Basilica of the Dormition, or the Basilica of the Assumption. The monks who reside in the Abbey of the Dormition consider their Basilica among the most important destinations for pilgrims touring the Holy Land.

Christians from all over the world travel to this church in order to visit the Room of the Last Supper and the location where Jesus’ mother Mary died. The word Dormition means "falling asleep," as in scripture, death is often referred to as falling asleep.

The bell tower and cupola of the Abbey of the Dormition are well known on the Jerusalem skyline. The church structure was designed in a circular shape, and two spiral staircases within lead to the crypt that marks the place of Mary’s dormition. Each day in the crypt, hundreds of pilgrims from around the world kneel around the reclining statue of Mary, pictured as she lay when she passed away.

Assisting pilgrims is an important task of the Benedictine monks. They offer visitors refreshment in their coffee shop, and they oversee a Monastery Shop that sells religious items produced by the monks themselves – including CDs of religious music, picture books, photo calendars, hand-decorated candles, incense, guide books, works of embroidery, postcards and items carved from olive wood from Bethlehem.

Daily prayer services are held in the Basilica, and Christian pilgrims, in groups or individually, are welcome to join.


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