Domus Galilaeae Meeting Center

Domus Galilaeae Meeting Center

A modern Christian meeting center, Domus Galilaeae, which means "House of Galilee," allows Holy Land tour groups to follow in the footsteps of the early Christian saints.

The center is situated in a beautiful building designed and built at the behest of Pope Paul VI, for studies and retreats. It is located on the side of Mount Beatitude, above the Sanctuary of Beatitudes and directly opposite the Sea of Galilee. Visitors can enjoy displays of Torah scrolls, the Ten Commandments and the Burning Bush against the backdrop of green mountain and the azure sea. The center also features a life-like replica of the Sermon on the Mount and a rich library of Christian books.

Sit in the quiet library, tour the exhibits and relax in the garden. Take some time to pray in the small prayer hall as well. Don't miss the foundation stone, which was taken from the tomb of St. Peter in Rome and blessed by the Holy Father. Also note the painting by Arg├╝ello which makes use of both Eastern and Western Christian symbols.

The emphasis on the aesthetics of the building and gardens is informed by the concept that physical beauty is a reflection of Divine beauty. Gleaming floors, luminous stained glass windows and colorful artwork allow the visitor to rejuvenate and become closer to God.

The center was built on the ancient road between Capernaum and Korazim and is an excellent place to begin a tour of Jesus' ministry around the Sea of Galilee.

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