Discovering Nazareth Anew

There are a few cities in Israel that are veritable hotspots for Christian pilgrims. You can’t come to the Holy Land without visiting Jerusalem, and you’d be sorely put out if you missed Bethlehem. Another must-see city for Christian travelers is Nazareth. There are so many significant spots to visit in this one town; you should probably clear your schedule if you want to get to them all. Here are a few of the best ones to start with.

St. Gabriel’s Church

This church can be dated back to the 17th century and is rumored to be the actual location where Gabriel appeared to Mary. while that piece of history is unclear, one thing is for certain. The clear water spring that runs mystically below in the crypt of the church pours water into the well at the far end of the church, and it is a wonder to behold this peaceful bit of nature.

Mary’s Well

Since you’re in the neighborhood visiting St. Gabriel’s Church, be sure to stop by Mary’s Well. Aka the Virgin Fountain, Christians flock to this well from all corners of the world because the waters contained within are said to have miraculous powers of healing. Drink up!

Chapel of Fright

The Chapel of Fright is aptly named because it is built directly on the spot where Mary had to witness the harrowing episode that is recounted in Luke when Jesus nearly met his untimely death over the cliffs by the townsfolk of Nazareth. While weathered with the years, this chapel is actually quite charming and is perfectly located to give tourists a stunning view of the surrounding area. Head straight for Paul VI St., and follow the signs from there.

Nazareth Village

This is not only educational but a lot of fun. Walk through the ancient times when Jesus lived as this entire village reenacts the lifestyle, history, and Biblical events that you’ve grown up hearing about for years. Enter buildings constructed in the styles of the time and interact with village folk who are donning period clothing for an authentic experience you won’t soon forget.

Of course, there’s also the Church of the Annunciation, Church of Christ, and many other sites to visit. Discover these and other prominent holy sites when you make your way across Nazareth this time around Israel.

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