City of King David

City of King David

The history of Jerusalem is revealed at the City of David, where relatively recent excavations have uncovered the ancient city of biblical times. Your tour of the Holy Land is not complete without a visit to this archaeological site of First and Second Temple-era Jerusalem. Some of the most interesting archaeological discoveries from the times of the Bible have been unearthed in this small area, including the Siloam Inscription and Hezekiah's Tunnel.

A walk through the City of David takes you past an enormous palace, which may have belonged to one of the Judean kings, and into a labyrinth of underground tunnels that served as the primary fresh water source for biblical Jerusalem. Warren's Shaft, which brought water from the Gihon Spring into the city, is currently dry, and you can easily walk through its tunnels. More adventurous tourists will enjoy traversing Hezekiah's Tunnel, which is still half-filled with water.

At the bottom of the tunnels you will reach the Pool of Siloam, a water collection point from the time of Jesus. A pool existed here even before that time and is mentioned in the Book of Isaiah, but it is especially significant to pilgrims because it was the site where Jesus sent the blind man to complete his healing.

The City of David is part of the Jerusalem Pilgrim Road, the route which was taken by pilgrims to the Temple for festival offerings. This path begins at the Pool of Siloam and continues up to the Hulda Gate and to what is now Robinson's Arch, which held up a grand staircase leading to the Temple Mount. One can imagine Jesus traversing this route on his way to cleanse the Temple of its greedy moneychangers and merchants.

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