City of Cana

City of Cana

Tourists come to the City of Cana in the Southern Galilee to stand in the very place where Jesus performed two distinct miracles. Cana is most famous for being the place where Jesus performed his very first public miracle – changing water into wine at the wedding feast, as described in the Book of John. Today, tourists can visit the Franciscan church on the exact spot where the miracle was performed. Also in the City of Cana, Jesus healed the son of the nobleman who had taken ill in Capernaum, as described in a later chapter of the Book of John.

Cana of Galilee was also birthplace and home of Nathanael, one of the disciples of Jesus. The Saint Nathanael Church is built on the grounds where Nathanael was born. Some say that Simon was also born in the same city.

During a visit to the site, you’ll learn that Cana of Galilee served as the military headquarters from which the Jews defended the Galilee from the Romans during the first century. After the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, Cana of Galilee became the seat of the priestly family of Eliashib.

There is some scholarly dispute about exactly where Cana of Galilee is. For centuries, the City of Cana was identified with Kefar Kana, which is 4 miles northeast of Nazareth, right on the main road from Nazareth to Tiberias. Today, the common belief among archaeologists is that Cana of Galilee is actually to be found in the Netofa Valley at Khirbet Qana, about nine miles north of Nazareth.

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