The Christian’s Guide to Touring Ein Kerem

Just outside the hustle and bustle of the busy Jerusalem city center lies a quiet town that you might not even notice on the map if you weren’t looking for it. But, it would be a real shame if you did because Ein Kerem is one of the most cherished gems of the area, a town with rejuvenating beauty and breathtaking views.

The scenic neighborhood is as charming as it is beautiful. It’s an obvious stop for any Christian pilgrimage since it holds several points of interest tied to the religion. Aside from the modern and historical churches that chime out their melodious bells to be heard throughout the local streets, here are a few.

John The Baptist’s Birthplace

Ein Kerem is said to be the birthplace of none other than John the Baptist. According to the sources, Elizabeth, the mother of St. John, is believed to have conceived and birthed her son through miraculous means in this very town.

Mary’s Spring

The Virgin Mary, also pregnant at the time with Jesus Christ, traveled to Ein Kerem to visit her relative Elizabeth, according to the sources. As such, the well of the town has been called Mary’s Spring (not Mary’s Well where she bathed Jesus), and the waters that run within are said to be holy water that can heal ailments and create miracles. If you have a sick relative back home, you can take some of the holy water back with you, a common practice among Christian visitors to the site.

Ein Kerem Town Proper

Aside from the magical floral displays springing up at every turn, Ein Kerem’s architecture has a real biblical and natural flavor to it. Rarely will you find any modern-looking structures, and the construction has been kept to a fairly even and accurate tone. With cobblestone streets, Jerusalem limestone buildings, and towering churches, Ein Kerem certainly has an old school, religious appeal to it.

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