• Old Jaffa Port & Market

    Before there were planes, immigrants entered Israel at this historical port. It is also said the Jonah the prophet set sail from here before his encounter with the big fish.
  • The Diaspora Museum

    Also known as "The Museum of the Jewish People", here you can view displays and exhibits portraying the extensive history of the Jews from biblical times to modern day Israel.
  • Experience Israel’s military heroism with IDF museums

    Israel is a little country filled with military heroes. Yid Lashiryon in Latrun, Hazerim's Air Force Museum, Tel Aviv's IDF History Museum, and Mount Herzl all stand to tell the story.
  • The New Tel Aviv Port

    Walk, run, or bike along the beautiful sea side port, which has now been restored and filled with restaurants, shops, yet still offers the same refreshing sea breeze.
  • Nachlat Binyamin Art Fair

    Every Tuesday and Friday the Nachlat Binyamin neighborhood comes alive with street performers and over 200 Israeli artists selling their handmade crafts, the ultimate souvenir.
  • Neve Tzedek Neighborhood

    Neve Tzedek is a quaint neighborhood packed with art and history. Explore the houses of historical figures whose houses have been transformed into art galleries for visitors to enjoy.
  • House of Simon the Tanner

    It is here in the house of Simon the Tanner where St. Peter stayed and had a significant dream. St. Peter also brought Tabitha back to life on the roof of the house.
  • Lydda, Birthplace of St. George

    St. George, Roman soldier and a Christian martyr was born here in Lydda, which played an important role during the time of Jesus.
  • Tabitha’s Tomb – Jaffa

    Built at the site of Tabitha's grave, this church can be found east of Old Jaffa, in the Arab neighborhood for Abu Kabir. Tabitha was know for her kindness and good deeds.
  • Church of St. Peter in Jaffa

    Built over ruins of a fortress in the 17th century, this ancient building, the tallest and most distinguished in Old Jaffa, and a must-see for pilgrims touring through Old Jaffa.
  • Jaffa Promenade

    Stretched out along the Mediterranean towards Jaffa, stop here to view shops, performances, and unique vendors on Tel Aviv's 40 kilometer long promenade.
  • Rabin Square & Memorial

    Originally named Kikar Malechei Yisrael, Kings of Israel Square, it was re-named in memory of Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin, who was assassinated here in 1995.
  • Israel’s Independence Hall

    View footage and tour the exact hall where Israel became a state on May 14th, 1948. While there you can envision and re-live this incredible day in history.
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