• Kana Stream Nature Reserve

    In the times of the Bible, this stream was known to be the border between the tribes of Menashe and Ephraim. Today you can enjoy a hike along the streams path and take in nature.
  • Givot Olam: Organic Farming in the Biblical Heartland

    Founded by a kibbutz member with a dream, this organic farm has flourished over the years producing milk, cheese, eggs, and more.
  • Psagot Winery

    Founded in 2003, Psagot winery is already known internationally and produces 200,000 bottles per year. Known for its beauty, a tour and tasting at the winery is a delight.
  • Herodian National Park

    Just outside of Jerusalem you'll find a fortress built on the highest hill in the desert by Herod the Great. It served as a stronghold in 66AD during the Judean revolt against Rome.
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