• Yardenit Baptismal Site

    The Jordan river is home to the most important baptismal site in Christian history. Many visitors come to this special location to be baptized in these holy waters.
  • The Basilica of Annunciation

    This historical gem was built on the very site where the angel Gabriel brought Mary the news that she would be giving birth to Jesus.
  • Our Lady of the Fright

    Explore the ruins of a Franciscan chapel, also known as Mary's Fear, named after the time when Mary trembled as her son was being chased to the edge of Mount Precipice.
  • Mount of Beautitudes

    Atop this mountain Jesus gave his famous speech, the Sermon on the Mount. The Church of the Beatitudes was built here in the 4th century as a commemoration to the Sermon.
  • House of St. Peter

    Built in the first century BC, it was in this modest home that Jesus healed Peter's mother in law after attending Sabbath services, as told in the Books of Matthew and Mark.
  • Cruise on the Sea of Galilee

    View this ancient holy area from the water on a lovely cruise along the Sea of Galilee. While on the water, keep an eye out for St. Peter's fish, which are local to the area.
  • Beit Alfa Synagogue

    In 1928, kibbutz members were digging a ditch a came across the remains of this ancient synagogue, which existed during the time when Emporer Justinian reigned.
  • Montfort Castle & Fortress

    In the Nachal Kziv Nature Reserve you will find a stunning castle situated above a 20-kilometer-long stream. This castle was originally built to support an agricultural farm.
  • Carmel Mountain and Cave of Elijah the Prophet

    It is here that Elijah the prophet and pagan prophets shared a memorable meeting. Today, a Carmelite monastery resides on the mountain.
  • Yafia in Greater Nazareth

    Explore four historically significant churches, one of which marks the birthplace of Saint James, son of Zebedee. You'll also view a Catholic church and school.
  • Tabgha, The Place of Seven Springs

    View beautiful mosaics commemorating the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes which took place near these springs.
  • St. Gerassimos Monastery

    Founded in the 5th century, this Greek Orthodox site is is one of Israel's oldest monasteries. Here you'll learn about the story in which St. Gerassimos healed a lion's pain.
  • The Sea of Galilee

    This body of water is surrounded by important religious sites, including Tabgha, Magdala, Capernaum, Kursi, and more. This location is the center of the ministry of Jesus.
  • Mount Precipice

    This is the holy site where Jesus disappeared right in front of the angry mob that was chasing him, either into a cave that opened, or possibly a leap onto the next mountain.
  • Mi’ilya Christian Village

    Meaning King's Castle, this is one of the two still thriving Christian villages in the Galilee. It received its name due to its previous ownership by the De Milly family in the 12th century.
  • Mensa Christi – Franciscan Church

    It is told in the Book of Mark that after rising from the dead, it is here on large rock that Jesus ate a meal with eleven of his disciples.
  • Magdala, Hometown of Mary Magdalene

    Excavations of what is believed to be the hometown of Mary Magdalene exhibit an ancient port and city including canals and a marketplace.
  • Ancient Village of Kursi

    View the remains of an ancient church, fishing village, and largest ancient monastery at the site where the miracle of the man with the unclean spirit took place.
  • Job’s Spring

    One of the seven springs, Job's spring is a holy site for immersion in healing waters. It is believed that Job lived in a cave nearby and was healed many times by the holy spring waters.
  • Jesus Boat Museum

    Displayed at the Yigal Alon Museum on Kibbutz Ginosar, a boat of this build would have been used by Jesus and his disciples, who were known to be fisherman along the Galilee.
  • Gospel Trail from Nazareth to Capernaum

    Walk in the footsteps of Jesus along the path he took from his childhood home in Nazareth to Capernaum. It is 38.5 miles long, ending at the shore.
  • Domus Galilaeae Meeting Center

    Designed and built at the order of Pope Paul VI for studies and retreats, the Domus Galilaeae, meaning "House of Galilee", is a lovely setting.
  • Church of the Primacy of St. Peter

    View domed ceilings decorated with artwork showing biblical scenes, and stained glass windows in this church dedicated to the Bestowal of Primacy.
  • Church of the Loaves and Fishes

    The church that stands today rests on the site of two previous churches. This site commemorates the feeding of five thousand by Jesus.
  • Church of St. Joseph

    Also known as the Church of the Nutrition, this holy site can be found in the Old City of Nazareth. Here pilgrims can connect to the small village of Jesus' childhood.
  • Church of St. Gabriel

    Here you will find the site of the Annunciation. The church was built over the spring where Mary was told by the angel Gabriel that she would be the mother of Jesus.
  • Castellum Regis – The King’s Fortress

    Built by King Baldwin III in the 12th century, this site is a symbol of the Crusader Kingdom, and shows both Christian and Jewish symbols.
  • Capernaum National Park

    Known as the "Town of Jesus", here you can visit a significant archaeological find; a public building which served as a gathering place for the first Christians.
  • Bethsaida

    Walk along a cobblestone street dating back to the time of Jesus, and explore current excavations taking place in this ancient fishing village along the Galilee shores.
  • Mount Berenice and the Anchor Church

    The Apostle Paul's missionary preaching to Agrippa and Berenice, after whom the Mountain was named, is recorded in the Book of Acts.
  • Town of Korazim

    The Book of Matthew tells us that Jesus cursed this town because the townspeople did not follow his teachings. Stand in the synagogue where Jesus preached to his people.
  • Bethsaida Nature Reserve

    Walk through the "wet route" of Majrase for an adventure and wade through the fish-filled stream. Two of Jesus' miracles took place in this beautiful nature reserve.
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