• Dormition Abbey Monastery

    Located on Mount Zion, this Catholic Benedictine monastery is a popular pilgrim site, as it holds the room of the Last Supper Jesus' mother Mary also died here.
  • Church of the Visitation

    Built by St. Helene, this is the holy site where Mary sang Magnificat, the famous song of praise. You'll explore ancient water cisterns and beautiful mosaics as well.
  • Church of Mary Magdalene

    Dedicated to Mary Magdalene, a disciple of Jesus, this Russian Orthodox church was built in 1886 by Czar Alexander III, in honor of his mother Empress Maria Alexandrovna.
  • Tomb of Lazarus, Bethany

    It is written in the Gospel of John that Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead in this very location. Take a climb down into the antechamber to explore where this holy event occurred.
  • St. Peter in Gallicantu

    This Roman Catholic Church located on Mount Zion holds the story of the denail of Jesus by Peter, as recorded in the Book of Mark. Experience the story here.
  • Ben Yehuda Street

    Explore Ben Yehuda street and discover the heart of Jerusalem. Lined with shops, cafe's, and scattered with live music, this popular spot provides a must-have Jerusalem experience.
  • Mount Herzl Cemetery

    Named for founder Theodor Herzl, Israel's National Cemetery is located in Western Jerusalem, and includes the National Civil Cemetery, as well as the National Military Cemetery.
  • Israeli Parliament Building

    Located in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Givat Ram near the Israeli Supreme Court, the Knesset, also known as "Assembly" consists of 120 members of Knesset.
  • Rachel’s Tomb

    Near the northern entrance to Bethlehem you'll find the burial place of Rachel, the matriarch of the Bible known for caring for all of her children in times of distress.
  • Yad Vashem Museum

    Established in 1953, this widely famous museum is known as the world center for documentation, research, education, and commemoration of the Holocaust.
  • St. Stephen’s Church

    This East Jerusalem Church holds large historical significance, and was originally built as a place for the traditional rock of the martyrdom of St. Stephen.
  • St. Mark’s Syrian Orthodox Church Jerusalem

    The Armenian Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City houses this holy church, at which Syrian Orthodox Christians believed the Last Supper took place.
  • Russian Orthodox Church at Ein Kerem Jerusalem

    The Church of the Holy Trinity is a five dome structure built around a rock that was used as a pulpit by St. John the Baptist. It is here that Mary's visit to Elizabeth took place.
  • Tomb of Nebi Samuel

    The burial place of Samuel the prophet is now a national park found on the outskirts of Jerusalem. The tomb is located underground and is accessed through the hilltop.
  • Mount Scopus Lookout

    Meaning "mountain of watchers", this point served to be a strategic lookout during many wars throughout history, and today thrives with a university campus and more.
  • Mount of Olives Lookout

    This is where Jesus returned after the Last Supper, rode in on a white donkey before being crucified, and looked out and wept over the city's future destruction.
  • Kiryat Yearim Village

    In this village the Ark of the Covenant was safeguarded before it was restored to the Temple Mount. More recently, one of King Solomon's fortresses was excavated here.
  • Israel Museum & Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit Jerusalem

    This museum is full of exciting exhibits including a Second Temple Model replica that covers almost an acre, bringing history to life.
  • Holy Trinity Cathedral

    Known as the centerpiece of the Russian Compound, this stunning cathedral is adorned with beautiful chandeliers and several paintings of Catholic saints.
  • Hill of Evil Counsel

    Located south of Jerusalem's Old City, this hilltop gets its name from the Book of John, when Jesus was betrayed by the Priest, Judas, and the Pharisees.
  • Ethiopian Orthodox Church

    Located on the Street of the Prophets close to the busy Jaffa Road, this Ethiopian Orthodox Curch has been represented in Jerusale for more than 1,500 years.
  • Es-sultan Archaeology

    In Jericho you'll get the opportunity to explore this historically rich archaeological site. It is here in the Byzantine church where the miracle of St. Eliseus took place.
  • Emmaus Biblical Village

    Visit the biblical town of Emmaus, today associated with the Arab village of Imwas, which is where the two disciples first saw Jesus after his resurrection.
  • Ein Kerem Village

    Ein Kerem village holds great significance for the Christian people, as it has many connections to John the Baptist, including two churches named for him there.
  • Dominus Flevit Church

    Take a steep trek down a path along the Mount of Olives and be rewarded with a visit to this Franciscan church where Jesus cried over the destruction of Jerusalem.
  • Church of the Pater Noster

    Leave prayer notes in the cracks between the stones of this Roman Catholic Church, built on the site of the teaching of the Lord's Prayer, found on the Mount of Olives.
  • Chapel of the Ascension

    At this holy shrine dedicated to Jesus' ascent to heaven, view a rare slab of stone known as the Ascension Rock that is rumored to hold the footprint of Jesus.
  • Bethpage Holy Land Sites

    Meaning "house of the unripe fig" and referring to a passage from the Book of Mark, this site located on the Mount of Olives commemorates the meeting between Jesus and Martha.
  • Akeldama Jerusalem

    Named after Saint Onuphrius, this monastery was rebuilt by the Greek Orthodox Church in the late 19th century, and is the location where Judas Iscariot died.
  • Abu Ghosh Village

    Here you will find a beautiful and pastoral Christian Arab village, known in Biblical times as Kiryat Ye'arim. It is here whree King David stored the Ark of the Covenant for a short time.
  • Bethlehem Holy Tour Sites

    A few spots that must be seen on your Holy Israel Tour include the city of Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, the Church of the Nativity, and Manger Square.
  • Church of John the Baptist

    Explore archaeological excavations of ancient churches that were here before. This ancient church which was built over the grotto where St. John the Baptist was born.
  • St. Andrew’s Church

    This Scottish church was dedicated in 1930 as a memorial to Scottish soldiers who were killed during WWI, and later, those who fell fighting in the Holy Land against the Turkish army.
  • Valley of Hinom Holy Sites

    Contrary to the dark tales and events which took place here, this valley is actually full of meaningful sites including The Scottish church, ancient tombs, and the Convent of Akeldama.
  • Sepulchre of Saint Mary

    Located in the Kidron Valley at the base of the Mount of Olives, this is said to be the burial place of Mary, Jesus' mother, and potentially a holy place for a future holy event.
  • Monastery of the Cross

    It is here that a special and holy tree once grew, a tree that would go on to provide wood for the cross of Jesus. There is much to explore in this sacred monastery.
  • Monastery of St. John

    Here many visitors enjoy studying scripture outdoors, as this Franciscan monastery was built around a beautiful spring in a lovely wooded area in southern Jerusalem.
  • Mar Elias Monastery

    This Greek Orthodox monastery was built on the very site where Elijah the prophet stopped after killing the false prophets of Baal and fleeing from Queen Jezebel.
  • Church of All Nations

    This central and popular holy site were built on the site where Jesus spoke his final prayer. It received its unique name after being paid for with donations from 12 nations.
  • Jerusalem Garden Tomb

    A possible site of the resurrection of Jesus, this garden tomb is believed to have belonged to Joseph of Arimathea. Here pilgrims come to reflect on the site's holy past.
  • Garden of Gethsemane

    Jesus prayed in this garden following the Last Supper and was found here by Judas, crucified the next day. Today it remains as a prayer site for visiting pilgrims.
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