• Tura Estate Winery

    This award winning winery was established in 2003. Winemakers allow the wine to age for 3 years before it hits stores, where it a popular, delicious best seller.
  • Visit Joshua’s altar on Mount Ebal

    Archaeologists discovered pottery fragments along with stone and ash that have led them to believe that the Alter of Joshua was truly built here.
  • Shefaram Burial Caves

    Ancient Christian burial caves can be found in the yards of residents of the Shefaram neighborhood. The symbols are in Greek and ask Jesus for mercy for the family of the graves inscriber.
  • Cana Franciscan Wedding Church

    It is on these grounds that Jesus turned water into wine at a famous wedding feast. Visitors can explore the two-level church built here containing mosaics and inscriptions.
  • Yehiam Crusader Fortress

    Built by Crusaders over the ruins of a Roman fort, here you can walk through ancient entrances and view a mosque, watchtower, and an 18th century moat.
  • Cave of John the Baptist

    A site holding great religious significance, this cave is believed to be the site of baptism for Jesus and many other disciples. Enter the cave and experience the holiness.
  • Phillip’s Spring Reserve

    Phillip was a deacon and minister of the poor It is said that he baptized a servant of the Queen of Ethiopia, who may be responsible for bringing Christianity to Ethiopia.
  • Casal des Plains Fortress

    Jerusalem's first Crusader fort was built on the Via Maris. Today 2 towers remain for visitors to view and there are plans underway to create a major tourist attraction on the site.
  • Mirabel Crusader Fortress

    Mirabel, meaning "beautiful view", is situated on a hill in what is now a national park in Israel. Crusaders had built a castle here and used it as a fortress in times of need.
  • Hurvat Burgata Castle

    Located between Caesarea and the Mediterranean sea, the Hurvat Burgata castle was used as an Inn as well as an administrative center. Today the Southern wall remains.
  • Beth Gibelin Fortress

    Built to secure Christian control of Caesarea and Jaffa, this fortress was handed down to the Knights Hospitaller's and later was lost to the Mamluks.
  • Ateret Fortress and Chastellet

    It is here that Crusaders fought for control, led by King Baldwin IV. The castle was built along a major crossing at the Jordan river.
  • Tzippori National Park

    Stone-filled streets with carvings, a Roman villa and Synagogue with mosaic floors, a Crusader fortress, and a Roman theater await you at this historical national park.
  • The Greek Orthodox Church of the Wedding Feast

    Also known as the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George, up to 200,000 visitors make the pilgrimage to visit this church and its neighboring sanctuaries yearly.
  • The Synagogue Church

    Sunken 5 feet below ground level, this arch-shaped Church is known to be the holy place where Jesus studied as a boy and proclaimed himself as the Messiah, angering worshipers.
  • Sanctuary of the Transfiguration

    High up on Mount Tabor is a rock on which Jesus is believed to have performed the miracle of Transfiguration. A Franciscan Church was built here in 1924.
  • Nes Ammim Community

    Located in the Western Galilee, this Christian community brings Christians together from all over to experience Israel. Similar to a kibbutz, visitors live and work for months to years.
  • Nazareth Village Experience

    This village has recreated the times of the Bible, and mostly importantly the lifestyle of Jesus. Experience a day in the life of the Bible and see how Christians lived in earlier days.
  • Nazareth Village

    Here you'll visit some of the most historically important Christian Churches, including the Church of Annunciation, the Church of St. Joseph, and the Church of St. Gabriel.
  • Village of Na’in

    As stated in the Book of Luke, Na'in is the village where Jesus performed the miracle of restoring a widows son to life. He traveled here with his 12 Apostles in 29 AD.
  • Mount Tabor – Site of the Transfiguration

    The mountain holds great significance for the story of the Christian people. It is the official site of the miracle of the Transfiguration performed by Jesus.
  • Mount Gilboa

    A number of important battles took place on this historically rich mountain with incredible views. From atop, you can also view the Valley of the Armageddon.
  • Town of Korazim

    The Book of Matthew tells us that Jesus cursed this town because the townspeople did not follow his teachings. Stand in the synagogue where Jesus preached to his people.
  • City of Cana

    The location of a great miracle performed by Jesus, along with being the birthplace of the disciple Nathanael, the city of Cana is a worthwhile site to scope out.
  • Church of Nathanael Cana

    Also known as the Church of Bartholomew, the Church of Nathanael was built on the grounds of Nathanael's home and birthplace. He was one of the 12 Apostles of Jesus.
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