• Hula Valley Nature Reserve

    Israel's first nature reserve is home to a wide variety of birds, fish and plants. Explore the many trails and take in the natural beauty, including the popular floating bridge for bird viewing.
  • Golan Heights Winery

    Visit the picturesque Golan Heights winery and witness the wine making process before your eyes. Here you can sit back and relax with a fresh glass of the Golan's finest.
  • Magic Welcome Center

    Experience an entertaining introduction to the Golan via a multi-sensory video experience, view an intricate 3D model of the region, and enjoy local restaurants.
  • Tzfat Old City & Artist Quarter

    This holy mystical city is filled with cobblestone streets, art galleries, ancient synagogues, and breathtaking views. Explore the history of the city and witness what remains today.
  • Tel Hadar Sea of Galilee

    Visit the site where Jesus performed the second miracle of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fish. It is here that Jesus provided food for 4,000 with mere handfuls.
  • Caesarea Philipi Spring

    This freshwater spring leads into the Jordan River and it is known that nearby is the location where Jesus asked the disciples questions that would determine their future.
  • Nimrod’s Crusader Fortress

    Built with the intent of securing the route to Damascus from the powerful Crusader army, this fortress was famously noted by Mark Twain as "exquisite" and a must-see.
  • Golan Heights Winery

    Tour the oak barrel cellar, enjoy a wine tasting, or go for the royal treatment on the expanded tour and enjoy a gourmet meal. You can also tour the picturesque vineyards.
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