• Family Fun Among the Dunes of Nitzanim

    This southern nature reserve is family friendly, housing sand dunes ideal for children to roll down , along with plant life variety and nature trails for the family to enjoy together.
  • Baron Rothschild and the Story of Zichron Yaakov

    Get to know a culture-filled town along Israel's coast, given a chance but its humble founder. Here you'll find the well known Carmel Winery, and the Museum of the First Aliyah.
  • Casel Le Destroit

    In its most popular period, this crusader fortress was under the power of the Knights Templar, whose main goal was to keep pilgrims safe by deterring robbers and pirates.
  • Mukhraka Monastery

    Delve into the ancient biblical story of Elijah and the false prophets, view the holy statue depicting the scene, and enjoy a stunning panoramic view of Israel's Jazreel valley.
  • Village of the Forests

    The Ark of the Covenant was kept tucked away safe here in what is now a modern Israeli community. In recent years, archaeologists also discovered a fortress of the great King Solomon.
  • Stella Maris Monastery

    The Carmelites are a catholic order who are strongly connected to Elijah the prophet, and they built their monastery over a cave in which Elijah was believed to have lived.
  • Cave of Elijah the Prophet

    Elijah the prophet hid from persecution after confronting the 450 prophets of Baal in this famous holy cave. Here you can also view a statue scene of Elijah and the prophets.
  • Rosh HaNikra Grottos

    This site is a natural phenomenon formed from years of sea water crashing up against chalk of surrounding cliffs. Head down into the grottoes via cable car to explore.
  • Akko Walls and Market

    The Akko walls are packed with history of the Crusaders, Mamluks, the Ottoman Empire, and more. Make sure to check out the modernized Akko market for food and shopping.
  • Cave of John the Baptist

    A site holding great religious significance, this cave is believed to be the site of baptism for Jesus and many other disciples. Enter the cave and experience the holiness.
  • Ancient City of Caesarea

    Built by Herod the Great, this ancient fortress and its ruins have a story to tell. Caesarea boasts Roman aqueducts, a hippodrome, and a large Roman theater.
  • Phillip’s Spring Reserve

    Phillip was a deacon and minister of the poor It is said that he baptized a servant of the Queen of Ethiopia, who may be responsible for bringing Christianity to Ethiopia.
  • Mount Carmel Lookout

    Atop this mountain you'll find a Carmelite Monastery standing stall and safekeeping the holy location where biblical scenes with Elijah the Prophet took place.
  • Megiddo National Park

    Also known as the Armageddon, Meggido is the location where the Bible predicts the End of Days will take place. Numerous archaeological excavations have taken place here.
  • Château Pèlerin (Atlit)

    Although the castle itself is closed within a military zone, from a viewing point you can see an cross in the shape of an anchor, Phoenician carvings, and castle ruins.
  • Casal Imbert Fortress

    A crusader fortress with a long history, this site is located in Achziv National Park near the coastal city of Nahariya. Be sure to look for the stone table carved with Christian symbols.
  • Cafarlet Crusader Fortress

    Excavations at the site of this fortress have revealed a Byzantine village, including a wine press and its remnants. A Byzantine Church was unearthed here as well.
  • Caesarea Holy Churches

    A wellspring of history and natural beauty, Caesarea is the place where Peter baptized Cornelius, who gained the title of the first convert to Christianity.
  • Caesarea Crusader Fortress

    Explore the 4 hidden passageways located within the Caesarea fortress that lead to the center. These secret pathways allowed residents to come and go discreetly.
  • Bahai Gardens Haifa

    19 stunning terraces climb up the side of Mount Carmel. Witness carefully constructed landscape gardens, take in views of the Haifa bay, and the hills of the Galilee.
  • Bahai Gardens Akko

    Akko houses its own Bahai garden sanctuary. Take a walk inside and witness the tranquil beauty, you'll also be able to spot the ancient fig sycamore tree and olive tree.
  • Arsuf Ancient Fortress

    What is today Apollonia National Park near Tel Aviv was once refuge to Persians, Romans, and Crusaders alike. Hikers can enjoy a marked trail that runs up the cliff.
  • Akko Crusader Halls

    These multi-purpose halls provided living spaces, a sanctuary for prayer, and a hospital. The great hall, the largest room, is impressive and contains several remnants.
  • Casal des Plains Fortress

    Jerusalem's first Crusader fort was built on the Via Maris. Today 2 towers remain for visitors to view and there are plans underway to create a major tourist attraction on the site.
  • Roman Theater in Caesarea

    King Herod ordered the building of this massive theater large enough to seat up to 4,000 people. He built it for his close friend August Caesar, and its structure remains today.
  • Coastal Plain of Sharon

    The Plain of Sharon extends across Israel and within its borders sites of Christian significance. Lod, also known as Lydda is where St. Peter performed healing for Aeneas.
  • Mirabel Crusader Fortress

    Mirabel, meaning "beautiful view", is situated on a hill in what is now a national park in Israel. Crusaders had built a castle here and used it as a fortress in times of need.
  • Beth Gibelin Fortress

    Built to secure Christian control of Caesarea and Jaffa, this fortress was handed down to the Knights Hospitaller's and later was lost to the Mamluks.
  • Ateret Fortress and Chastellet

    It is here that Crusaders fought for control, led by King Baldwin IV. The castle was built along a major crossing at the Jordan river.
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