• St. George‚Äôs Church in Lod

    Located approximately nine miles to the southeast of Tel Aviv, the city of Lod is home to the famous Greek Orthodox Church of St. George built in 1870 over earlier ruins.
  • Underground Bullet Factory – The Ayalon Institute

    What appeared to be a normally functioning kibbutz was in fact a disguised bullet factory underground running in preparation for war against the British.
  • Mini Israel Park

    If you can't get to every site in Israel, head to Mini Israel to view a 1:25 scale of Israel with over 385 intricate replicas of historical and religious sites all over the country.
  • Latrun Police Station & Tank Museum

    In the 1948 War of Independence, this was the location of many crucial fights. In 1967 it was liberated from Jordanian rule during the Six Day War.
  • Belveer Crusader Fortress

    Located just outside of Jerusalem, this fortress has many intersecting passageways and was used throughout history, including during the War of Independence.
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