Capernaum: His Own City

Like Jerusalem or Bethlehem, you can’t possibly visit Israel without making at least a day trip of the fantastic city of Capernaum. Home to many major Christian historical events, Capernaum has gained a lot of tourist traction over the years, and here are just a few of the reasons why.

Honorable Mentions

Capernaum is mentioned in not one, not two, but all four gospels, for various reasons. Sources say that Jesus taught in a local synagogue in Capernaum. It is also noted in Mark that this is the city where Jesus miraculously banished the devil that had taken over the soul of an unfortunate man. This story is mentioned in both Mark and Luke. Capernaum is also the place where other miraculous healings took place. Jesus also took away a fever from the mother in law of Simon Peter, a story mentioned in Luke.

Healing of the Paralytic

The most notable miracle of all that took place in Capernaum, however, is probably the healing of the paralytic. This story is mentioned in Matthew, Luke, and Mark, and it tells the tale of a paralyzed man who is brought by four other men because he couldn’t walk. There were so many people thronging around Jesus that there wasn’t even room to enter the building where he was preaching. Instead, the men lowered him through the roof, and the man was miraculously healed.

Archeological Findings

Among other things, various archeological digs have unearthed two ancient synagogues. The second one is clearly later than the first century with more modern stonework as its prominent features. The original synagogue upon which the second one was built, however, is a more ancient structure, and this one was clearly used during the times of Jesus. Up to three feet of the original walls are currently standing. This is said to be the synagogue where Jesus met up with a demon during one of his sermons.

Another fascinating excavation revealed an ancient house of great prominence. Known as the House of Peter, the house has graffitied writing scribbled along the walls that date back to the second century. Many pilgrims assume this was the home of the apostle Peter.

Capernaum has many other exciting exhibits you are going to love to see, so head over there and discover them all for yourself!

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