Bethsaida is an ancient fishing village on the northern shores of the Sea of Galilee, between Tiberias and Safed. Thanks to recent archaeological discoveries, Bethsaida has recently been reopened to visitors, even as excavations at the site are ongoing. Along with Capernaum and Korazim, Bethsaida is among the three towns of "the Evangelical Triangle" of Jesus’ ministry in the Galilee. Out of these three popular attractions, Bethsaida is the most recently added as a major stop on Christian tours of the Holy Land.

Here, visitors can stroll along a cobblestone street that dates from the time of Jesus. Among the remains is a set of immense gates believed to have been pivotal during the Assyrian conquest of the area in 732 BC. The other significant finding worth seeing in Bethsaida is The House of the Fishman. In The House of the Fishman, it’s possible to see lead fishing net weights, an ancient anchor, a fishhook and a long, crooked needle that was used for repairing nets. All are reminders of the fishermen of ancient Bethsaida who were among the disciples of Jesus.

Bethsaida offers a stunning view of the Sea of Galilee to the south. The site is filled with stones whose flat surfaces are ideal for sitting while meditating, praying or studying the Bible.

Bethsaida was the location of two biblical miracles. As described in the Book of Mark, Jesus healed a blind man here. Bethsaida was also the place where, as told in the Book of Luke, Jesus fed five thousand men with five loaves and two fish.

According to the Book of John, Bethsaida was also the birthplace of, and home to, the disciples Peter, Andrew and Philip. Zebedee and his sons, the disciples James and John, are also believed to have lived in Bethsaida.

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