Ben Gurion Hut

Ben Gurion Hut

A tour of the southern region of Israel must include a trip to the home of Israel's first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion. Ben-Gurion lived at Kibbutz Sde Boker in his senior years, and his home has been preserved as a museum along with some of the surrounding buildings.

Visitors enter the statesman's modest hut through a garden with exhibits illustrating the personal and political life of Ben-Gurion. Don't miss the film presentation, rich with historical footage. Upon entering the typical kibbutz home, you will view displays of artifacts from the life of the Prime Minister. The letter Ben-Gurion sent to his wife Paula in response to hers about the birth of their child shows his dry wit. A sleeve from the suit Ben-Gurion wore during an assassination attempt is testament to a different time – he took the suit to be repaired and the tailor saved the bloody sleeve for posterity!

Learn about how Ben-Gurion insisted on taking part in the kibbutz's collective work force, caring for the chickens in the mornings into his old age. The remainder of his day was devoted to politics, including hosting international political figures and answering letters from schoolchildren.

Ben-Gurion's house is extremely modest for a former prime minister. The rooms are preserved as they were when Paula and David Ben-Gurion lived here. The kitchen is tiny, as are the bedrooms. Only the public rooms where Ben-Gurion received his guests – his library and the living room – are spacious and decorated with a bit of comfort.

After your visit to Ben-Gurion's Hut, you may want to make a stop at the nearby tomb of Paula and David Ben-Gurion, an oasis in the middle of the Negev Desert and a free roaming ground for ibex and deer.

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