Air Force Museum

Air Force Museum

Beer Sheva Air Force Base Museum

Located just outside the southern city of Beer Sheva, in Hatzerim, the Air Force Base Museum takes visitors on a tour of Israel's aviation history.

Start with a stroll through the permanent exhibitions that track the story of the Israel Air Force (IAF) through history, examining its various weapons and planes, crew survival equipment – and the role that the IAF plays within the greater Israeli military. A highlight is the exhibit about the IAF's equipment and strategies for rescue operations. You will also see pilots' gear, survival kits and modern ejection seats, all with detailed explanations on how they work.

Walk among the rows of planes that are displayed outdoors and represent aircraft flown by the Israelis, as well as aircrafts captured from the enemy, such as Soviet MiGs. See the MiG 21 flown by Iraqi pilot Munir Radfa, who defected to Israel in 1966. Note the small orange Auster, Israel's first warplane, and the Tzukit, a training plane that was poignantly not fitted with the all-important ejection seat.

The outdoor exhibit is spread out across a vast space, because the planes are large, so be prepared to do a lot of walking. Due to the Negev desert climate of Beer Sheva, it is important to bring a hat and carry enough water for drinking. Guided tours tailored to various ages are available in Hebrew, English and Russian.

On Israel Independence Day, the museum holds a celebration, which includes an exciting air show, souvenir photos taken inside the planes, special lectures and flying simulations on Playstations.

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