Genesis Land Experience

Genesis Land Experience

Enter the world of the Old Testament as you're greeted by Eliezer, servant of Abraham, and his caravan of camels. Witness the first meeting of Rebecca and Isaac, and meet Joseph just before his brothers throw him into a pit.

Genesis Land, located in a Bedouin-style tent in the middle of the Judean Desert, recreates ancient life in the Holy Land with street actors, catered hospitality and workshops teaching ancient crafts. Bake your own pita directly on the fire, and write on parchment in ancient Hebrew. Create your own pottery or original mosaic. Join a drummers' circle at sunset, and play music until the moon comes out. All this while wearing Bedouin robes that get you into the spirit of the biblical period.

You can also take a camel ride along the ridge of above the riverbed of Wadi Qelt, home to a number of monasteries, including the well-known St. George's Monastery. Rejoin the 21st century for a while to take a jeep tour through the desert and the Jericho Valley, where you can spot the palm trees that made the area so fertile and seduced settlers into making their homes in the desert.

There's much to see in the desert, and it's hard to squeeze all the important sites in one day. Genesis Land offers overnight accommodations so you can continue your tour in the area the next morning. Choose between luxurious guest houses, with jacuzzis overlooking the valley, or heated tents which continue the theme of the Old Testament experience.

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