5 Awesome Things to Do in Israel in the winter

5 Awesome Things to Do in Israel in the winter

5 Awesome Things to Do in Israel in the winter

Planning a trip to the Holy Land during the winter months? Israel generally has relatively mild weather even in the winter, although it can get stormy, cold and even snow in some parts of the country. You can take advantage of the cold weather for some winter sports, or you can escape to the warmer regions, where it’s almost always warm enough to swim.

Float on the Dead Sea

With its desert ecosystem, the Dead Sea region is almost always warm, and the Dead Sea itself is dip-ready pretty much all year round. The Dead Sea is unique in its high mineral content, which causes you to float without any effort. Those famous photos of people reading newspapers while floating on their backs in the Dead Sea are not Photoshopped. On the shore, slather some Dead Sea mud, known for its revitalizing qualities, on your body and relax.

Ski at the Hermon

Skiing and Israel don’t sound like they go together, but the Hermon, which is the highest mountain in Israel, gets snow every year. Once there is enough snow on the ground, the site opens up for skiing and tobogganing. The Hermon is suitable for both experienced skiers and beginners and is totally child-friendly.

Bask in the Eilat Sun

Eilat is perpetually warm and gets extremely hot in the summer. Winter is a perfect time to visit, as the temperatures are warm, and it rarely rains. Eilat is known for its Red Sea beaches, where, in addition to getting a tan, you can see exotic and colorful fish species swimming in the deep water among the coral. The Underwater Observatory is an excellent way to see all of Eilat’s sea life, and Dolphin Reef offers you a chance to swim with friendly dolphins.

Hike in the Judean Desert

The Judean Desert is dry and arid and a major draw for hiking enthusiasts. Ein Prat and Ein Gedi are oases in the middle of the desert, featuring surprising amounts of water in between the rocks. Wadi Qelt is an excellent hike for the more adventurous, while Har Sedom offers an unforgettable lookout over the Dead Sea. Masada can be reached by cable car, but if you love hiking, you will want to get up at the crack of dawn and hike up the "snake path" before it gets light. There is nothing as magnificent as a sunrise atop Masada after a long and satisfying hike.

Skate in Metulla

The Canada Center recreation complex is located in the northernmost area of Israel, in the sleepy town of Metulla. Temperatures can get cold up there, which is why it is the perfect place for an Olympic-size ice skating rink. The center also houses a pool, bowling alley and game room, but the highlight is the rink. Children over five can skate, and skates are available for rent for kids and adults. Spend a few hours skating – or a full day taking advantage of all the activities.

A Distinctive Winter Experience

Winter in Israel affords visitors some unparalleled experiences. You might not have as many beach opportunities as when the hot sun shines on the Mediterranean shores, but many parts of the country do get nice and warm, while others have plenty of activities on offer that take advantage of the colder weather.


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