4 Science Museums in Israel You Don’t Want To Miss

4 Science Museums in Israel You Don’t Want To Miss

Science is one of the most developed sectors in Israel. To gain an appreciation for the country’s scientific prowess, consider visiting any or all of these impressive science museums during your trip.

1. The Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem is an interactive and educational institute perfect for the whole family. It features a section exclusively for preschoolers, a science garden and an Imax theater. Exhibits cover biomechanics, light and shadow, waterworks, electricity and illusions.

2. At the Clore Garden of Science at the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot, you can enjoy nearly 80 outdoor interactive exhibits. These displays demonstrate the laws of physics, solar energy, water power and other natural phenomena. Don’t miss the water sprinklers that surround you with a rainbow or the solar furnace that sets wood on fire.

3. Housed in a historical landmark building, Madatech in Haifa focuses on science, technology and space. Learn about green energy, magic, road safety, Israel’s first astronaut and more. See a show in the museum’s Cinematrix, an innovative SMART theater which caters to all of the human senses simultaneously.

4. The Museum of Art and Science in Beer Sheva (also known as Park Karaso) boasts both an outdoor science garden and an indoor museum. Exhibits run the gamut of topics, from communications to sound, light and energy. One wall is devoted to currencies from around the world that features scientists. Another wall is dedicated to scientists who have won Nobel Prizes. Take a picture of your group (or your children) as future Nobel Prize winners and have the digital file emailed to your inbox.

There's much more to the Holy Land than antiquities and sacred spots. Visiting these institutions of science can help you gain a sense of the Israeli character's fascination with the natural world and innovation, providing a different perspective on the contemporary country.

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