Mount Tabor: A Holy Mountain in the Holy Land

There are several mountains in Israel that hold historical and religious significance to many religions. Mount Tabor is mentioned in the Bible, thus giving it religious weight for both Christians and Jews alike. If you are touring Israel and want to deviate somewhat from the standard Christian pilgrimage tours, take a look at what Mount Tabor is all about.

Mount Tabor on the Map

Located in the lower Galilee of Israel, Mount Tabor is part of the mountain range that makes up the Jezreel Valley. It is a particularly noteworthy mountain (aside from its historical significance) because of its unique shape and appearance. Mount Tabor rises suddenly out of the horizon in a sort of half-sphere shape. While the area surrounding it is primarily flatlands, this mountain juts up to a staggering 1,886 feet!

The Battle of Barak and Sisera

 Mount Tabor is mentioned in the Bible as being the location of an epic battle between the courageous Barak and the Canaanite army which was being led by Sisera. According to the book of Joshua, the prophetess Deborah gave over the word of God to Barak to go to battle with Sisera. As a result of listening to the saintly woman, Barak was victorious against this colossal army.

Unique Christian Significance

In addition to being a substantial historical monument, Christians revere Mount Tabor for another reason. According to Christian historians, this is the location of the Transfiguration of Jesus. Since this is an exclusively New Testament event, only Christians view the location as prominent for this reason.

The transfiguration is mentioned in both the Synoptic Gospels and the Second Epistle of Peter. As the legend goes, Jesus and his three apostles journeyed to Mount Tabor to pray for mankind. When they arrive, Jesus is transfigured, he begins to shine with a radiant light. He is joined by the two holy prophets Moses and Elijah, and together the three commune with God. The event is commemorated by many Christian sects as a day of great feasting known as the Feast of Transfiguration.

The next time you're wondering what to do around Israel that you haven't done before, head straight for Mount Tabor, and relive the astounding events of this prominent site.

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