The 5 Most Interesting World Heritage Sites in Israel

The 5 Most Interesting World Heritage Sites in Israel

Over 1,000 sites worldwide are designated by UNESCO as being of cultural or natural significance to the citizens of the world. These sites have special status as World Heritage Sites, and they are legally protected by international law.

Your trip to Israel should definitely include these sites, as they're officially deemed to be significant to humanity as a whole.

Nahal Mearot

Learn about human evolution and prehistoric life at this northern site. Follow the trail along the top of Mount Carmel, passing lush greenery and blooming flowers, to reach caves that hold the keys to a million years of human activity. See the remains of a village built 12,000 years ago, some of the world’s first domesticated plants and examples of ancient art and jewelry making.

Beit Guvrin

At Beit Guvrin, you will walk through a complex network of man-made caves, created by people digging into the chalk and rock for various purposes, including quarrying and burying their dead. The digging took place of the course of thousands of years, so you can follow the history of the site from the biblical period and into the 20th century. Artifacts here include an olive press, impressive bell caves, Sidonian burial caves, a Roman amphitheater and the remains of an Arab village abandoned during Israel's War of Independence. 

Tel Megiddo

UNESCO recognized Tel Megiddo for its sophisticated water system, which is proof of community cooperation and innovation – and because it is situated on an international trade route, where various cultures interacted with each other. Megiddo, also known as Armageddon, was the site of several biblical battles, and later, an important Roman military fortress called Via Maris (Way of the Sea). Megiddo is also home to what might be the earliest church in the Holy Land.

The Old City of Acre

The medieval town of Acre earned World Heritage Site status due to its well preserved buildings, above and below street level, and due to the strong walls built by the Ottomans to protect the city. Walk along or on the ramparts of the Old City walls to combine a historical perspective with a stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea. Explore the impressive remains of a fortress built by the Knights Hospitaller and see the innovative escape route that the Crusader soldiers used.

White City of Tel Aviv

This cluster of architectural gems in the heart of Tel Aviv is testament to the ability of modern architecture to be integrated into local conditions. German Jewish architects constructed over 4,000 buildings in the Bahaus style in the 1930s, making this the largest collection of Bahaus buildings in the world. At the Bahaus Center, you can view exhibits on the uniqueness of the White City and take a tour of the area with the center’s guides.



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