Travel the Sea of Galilee & Rediscover Christianity

Jerusalem is no doubt the religious capital of the world, and for Christians, it holds tremendous importance. From the Church of the Holy Sepulchre to the Via Dolorosa, and the Christian Quarters, it’s a fabulous place to start your pilgrimage. There’s another location though that many visitors overlook when traveling to Israel, but missing the Sea of the Galilee would be a real shame. Aside from the overwhelming natural beauty this sea possesses, it is actually a prominent area for Christians to return to. From fishermen disciples to open miracles, check out what the Sea of Galilee is known for.


Not everyone is aware of this, but Jesus spent much of his time around the Sea of Galilee while growing up and as an adult. In fact, Capernaum, nestled cozily on the Galilean coast, was the beginning of this fine religion, truly the Town of Jesus. There is an ancient synagogue that dates back to when Jesus lived in the city, and one can easily sit within the preserved structure, envisioning the events and conversations that took place upon those very stones. Be sure to visit the house of Peter in Capernaum as well.

Yigal Allon Museum

Whether you enjoy museums or not, this is one you have to see. Why? Because it has the remnants of the actual Jesus Boat on display, along with a computer-animated reconstruction of how the entire boat would have looked in Jesus' time. Of course, this boat wasn't necessarily any connection to Jesus himself, but it gives viewers a more genuine picture of the life and times when the Savior lived.

Cruise on the Sea

Get ready for a truly inspiring experience. Cruising along the Sea of the Galilee on an evening cruise is a small slice of heaven on Earth. The unbelievable beauty of the Galilean Sea is highlighted perfectly as you sail along the smooth, crystal clear blue waters, admiring the views of the countryside and the vast waves in the distance, and put yourself back to the time and place where Jesus passed through.

You can also visit the Mount of Beatitudes, one of the five most significant mountains in Christianity, while in the area. This is, of course, where Jesus gave his famous sermon, the Sermon on the Mount, and is also covered in an array of beautiful gardens to enjoy. If you want to really get a feel, get back to nature, and appreciate where Jesus came from, where he walked on water, then the Sea of the Galilee is the best place to be.


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