Tower of David

Tower of David

The Tower of David tells the story of Jerusalem and its role in the world's three major monotheistic religions. Holy Land tours visit this iconic medieval citadel to learn about the rich history and culture of the ancient city.

Enter the museum by walking on a drawbridge over a wide moat. The dramatic entrance and minaret are one of the better-known symbols of Jerusalem. The museum's permanent exhibits follow the history of the city from the earliest evidence of residence in the second millennium BC until the modern State of Israel.

As you stroll along, pay attention to the archaeological finds scattered around the museum. A First Temple quarry, part of a Hasmonean wall, steps from Herod's palace and remains of an Ummayad fortress attest to the continued inhabitation of this site over the millennia. Entrance to the city was traditionally accessed via what is now Jaffa Gate, so the Tower of David site was strategically located.

Don't miss the museum's temporary exhibitions. The Tower hosts exhibits that integrate historical and artistic issues with the unique location and the majesty of the structure.

In the evenings, the walls of the Tower are lit up in a spectacular sound and light show detailing the history of Jerusalem. The latest 21st century technology has been used for maximum sound and light effects, including the stone walls fading out and being replaced by scenes of virtual reality. Called "the Night Spectacular," this sound and light show is especially enjoyable for families, since both children and adults will be thrilled by this one-of-a-kind experience.

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