The Diaspora Museum

The Diaspora Museum

While touring Israel, don't forget to visit one of Israel's most important museums - the Diaspora Museum. Explore the experiences of the Jewish people throughout millennia spent living in diverse lands around the world. Murals, dioramas, reconstructions, documentary films and multimedia presentations will take you through the history of the Jews from Rome's conquering of Judea until the founding of Israel.

Learn more about the Jewish family with a slideshow of contemporary Jews from the four corners of the earth, and depictions of core elements of Jewish life, including lifecycle, holidays, festivals and fasts.

Gain insight into the Jewish community through the ages with films about diverse communities and a model of a 13th-century Jewish community. In the Culture section, learn about the great accomplishments of the Jewish people from the destruction of the Second Temple until contemporary times. These include Jewish art, languages, and contributions to the wider culture.

The Gate of Faith features miniature synagogue reproductions. The eighteen models provide a detailed and historically accurate picture of synagogue life in various Jewish communities. See the Memorial Column, an abstract work of art symbolizing the martyrdom of brave Jews who faced persecution through the generations.

Learn about the relationship between Jews and their host countries in an exhibit called Among the Nations, which traces the path of the Jewish people from the exile to Israel. View images that tell the story of the Zionist movement and the return of the Jewish people to its land.

Located in Tel Aviv, the Diaspora Museum is open daily except Saturdays and Jewish holidays. Guided tours are available if reserved in advance.

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