Terra Sancta Museum: Highlighting Holy Christian Sites in Israel

If you are visiting Israel for the first time as a Christian, then you might be overwhelmed. The birthplace of Jesus, the roads he walked, the locations of miracles, the Savior’s burial spot, Mary’s tomb. There are so many interesting and significant spots to visit. Where should you start? How do you know you’ll hit the most important ones?

An easy way to know that you’ve covered the major checkpoints is to head straight for the Terra Sancta Museum. Located in the heart of Jerusalem, the spiritual capital of the world, this lovely museum is coined the Roots of Christianity museum. Take a look at several of the beautiful highlights you'll enjoy while you're there.

Archeology Exhibit

If you enjoy archeology and history, then this is going to be a real treat for you. Combining the best of both worlds, the archeology exhibit at the Terra Sancta Museum takes visitors on a journey through time via the fascinating discoveries unearthed through the decades. From his birth in Bethlehem all the way through to his resurrection and beyond in Jerusalem, Christians can enjoy a panoramic view of the life and events of Jesus Christ without ever leaving the museum.

History Exhibit

Take another journey through time, and visit the extraordinary story of St. Francis and the rich Franciscan history that is built over centuries of struggle and climaxes with peace and holiness. The exhibit is made up of spectacular pieces such as goldsmith work, sculptures, manuscripts, paintings, clerical clothing, ancient documents, suits of armor, and so many other items that will really blow you away. Learning history has never been so illuminating!

Newest Exhibit

It also has a new wing that highlights the unique roots of Christianity and focuses on some of the most significant locations in Israel for Christians. You’ll enjoy this multimedia experience, as you are transported back in time to the days of King Herod, in an amazing display of lights, sounds, animation, and dynamic storytelling that make the entire era come to life before your very eyes.

So, before you even begin planning your trip, visit the Terra Sancta Museum, and find out where your next stop should be!

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