St. George’s Monastery: A Wonder to Behold

St. George’s Monastery is found in the West Bank of Israel, in an area known as Wadi Qelt, and it's a wonder to behold. The monastery dates far back to the sixth century and is a stunning display of the architecture and design of the times. But, the antiquity of the place is not even the most amazing thing about St. George's Monastery. Read more to find out why you should head to Wadi Qelt for a visit the next time you’re in Israel.

The Wondrous Sight of St. George’s Monastery

St. George’s Monastery truly is a magnificent sight to behold. The colorful gardens are well kept, and the ancient chapels still stand tall and imposing. What is truly mind-boggling about the ancient building is that it is carved off of the side of a cliff. Visitors can reach the magnificent structure by crossing a pedestrian bridge that spans the valley of Wadi Qelt. People are welcome to visit the monastery anytime, as it is still an active place of worship upheld by Greek Orthodox monks.

Christian Significance

St. George’s Monastery is located in the area that is described in the famous tale of the Good Samaritan (in Luke). It is also the location where Anne, the wife of St. Joachim, came to pray for a child after years of infertility. Additionally, the monastery was built in this location because the fourth century monks, including John the Thebes, who erected the structure originally believed it to be the cave where Elijah the prophet was fed by the ravens (in Kings I). The monastery was named after St. George, one of the most prominent monks to have lived there.

More active tourists will enjoy the brisk three-hour hike that brings you all around the wadi beneath the monastery. If you prefer a shorter (easier) path, simply head for the lookout point for a stunning view. Either way, go catch a glimpse of this impressive structure. You’ll be glad you did!

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