Saluting Righteous Gentiles at the Friends of Zion Heritage Center

A brand new museum has just opened in Jerusalem, dedicated to the Christians who have helped make the State of Israel a reality. We recommend that all groups include stops at this innovative multimedia museum on their upcoming itineraries.

The interactive tour here lasts about an hour and includes seven exhibits that tell the story of Christian Zionism. Watch a personal message from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the Christian Zionist who was the namesake of fallen hero Yoni Netanyahu. Learn about Christian war heroes who risked and gave their lives for the establishment of the state. A third exhibit highlights heroes who saved Jews during the Holocaust, at risk to their lives and their reputations.

In the Visionaries Gallery, you will meet the Christians who dreamed of a return of the Jewish people to their ancestral homeland and played a key role in making that happen. A "time machine" takes visitors back in time to Abraham, through the destruction of the Temple and the prophecy of Ezekiel that the dry bones of Israel should live again. These biblical prophecies form the basis of Christian belief in the key role of the State of Israel in world history.

Animatronic displays and holograms allow you to meet some of the greatest Christian Zionists. These include Edward Robinson, Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper (the 7th Earl of Shaftesbury), Sir Laurence Oliphant, Willem and Elizabeth ten Boom, Josiah Wedgwood IV, Arthur Balfour, David Lloyd George, William Blackstone, 18th century Hebrew scholar George Bush and Jean Henry Dunant.

You can also record your own personal story of how righteous Christians influenced you or your family.

The new museum is located in the heart of Jerusalem, on Nahalat Shiv’a Street. Opening hours are listed on the museum’s website, and additional hours are available for groups. Tours are held in English and Hebrew and are geared for adults and children aged seven and up.

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