Rabin Square & Memorial

Rabin Square & Memorial

The history of Israel is both ancient and contemporary, and one of the most important modern sites to visit on a tour of Israel is the memorial to Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in Tel Aviv. The Israeli Prime Minister was assassinated in this square while attending a 1995 peace rally.

See the monument honoring Rabin, which was designed by sculptress Yael Ben-Artzi. Note the 16 basalt rocks brought here specially from the Galilee and embedded in the ground. These rocks, which were placed at different heights from each other, symbolize the political and social upheavals that took place in the State of Israel in the aftermath of the assassination. The rocks also represent Yitzhak Rabin's deep roots in the land of Israel. Walk up the stairs from the square to read Rabin's last words on that fateful night. They are written on the wall in English, Hebrew and Arabic.

Rabin Square is located in the center of Tel Aviv and was originally named Kings of Israel Square. It's an old-fashioned square in the middle of modern Tel Aviv and has always been home to large gatherings such as political demonstrations. Rallies, vigils and memorials were held at the site in the days following the assassination, and messages of sorrow were written in graffiti on the square's walls.

From Rabin Square, you can take a stroll around cosmopolitan Tel Aviv. See Tel Aviv's City Hall or visit the Gan HaIr shopping mall. Enjoy the sight of classic Tel Aviv architecture and grab a drink in a local pub or a light meal in one of the many cafes.

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