Neve Tzedek Neighborhood

Neve Tzedek Neighborhood

Wander the quiet streets of the Neve Tzedek neighborhood to gain a sense of early 20th century Tel Aviv as you explore one of the city's most interesting and quirky contemporary areas. You are unlikely to meet such a curious and colorful mix of artistic, historic and trendy sights on your entire tour of Israel.

Prior to 1887, nearly all of the Zionists pioneers in what is now the center of Israel lived in Old Jaffa, near the Jaffa Port. Neve Tzedek was the first neighborhood built outside of Jaffa, and it is consequently the oldest section of what would become Tel Aviv. The historic houses you'll see here have been restored and are occupied by young wealthy professionals. As you walk down the streets, don't forget to look up - along the exterior walls and above the alleys are various pieces of site-specific public artwork.

Visit the first Jewish house to be built in Neve Tzedek, known as the Clouche House. Originally built by an immigrant from Algeria named Aharon Chlouche, the building now houses an art gallery. Climb up to the rooftop for a panoramic view of the entire neighborhood and the Mediterranean Sea.

Stop in at the Rokach House, which was once the home of Shimon Rokach, a public servant who dedicated himself to helping Jewish immigrants. The house is currently a museum of 19th century Tel Aviv and a gallery displaying art by Rokach's granddaughter, Lea Majaro Mintz.

At the world-famous Suzzane Dellal Center, you can see a theatrical or dance performance. Or simply walk around the beautifully landscaped garden and its adjacent plaza. Shop in the eclectic specialty shops of Shabazi Street and enjoy a good meal at one of the many restaurants in the area.

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