Nazareth Village Experience

Nazareth Village Experience

How did Jesus and the people of his time cook their food? How did they make a living? What kind of houses did they live in? Experience the answers to these questions when you travel to Nazareth Village.

A fully restored first century village located within the modern city of Nazareth, Nazareth Village offers visitors a chance to feel as if they are living in the time of Jesus. Actors in period clothing roam the grounds, demonstrating ancient agricultural and manufacturing techniques. Duck your head to walk into a replica of a first century house, and watch the woman of the household care for her family. In the courtyard, see the daughters weaving a blanket on a loom and the husband dyeing sheep yarn with natural products such as dried onion skins, pomegranates and saffron. The nearby water cistern is covered and keeps the water cool and clean for drinking and bathing.

Walk through the terraced fields to learn about the crops which grew in the ancient Galilee, including the common olive tree. See how oil was made with a manual olive oil press, where the entire olive is crushed to take advantage of the oil in the pits as well as the fruit. Visit the communal stable, where donkeys, goats and sheep are kept. The village also boasts a carpenter's workshop, the setting of Jesus' childhood.

In the center of the village, you can enter the synagogue, where prayer, teaching and community gathering took place. It's easy to imagine Jesus standing in the front of the hall, preaching to the townspeople.

During your visit, you can dine on a biblical meal (reservations required) consisting of foods that would have been served in the biblical Galilee, with fresh herbs and flat bread in a Middle Eastern ambience.

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